Last night I saw and photographed In This Moment again at Limelight Eventplex. I cannot wait to edit the photos, they’re like a concert photographer’s wet dream. I’m a big fan, too, so I HAD to “become the show” again. I actually had all of this prior to the show haha. I probably wouldn’t normally wear it all together, but it sure worked for my dark Big Bad Wolf inspiration. I tried to duplicate her awesome make up look and everything.

The show itself was amazing. They changed it up and added some new choreography and costumes since last time they came through in the fall. I’m a little bummed that I didn’t get to say hi to Maria this time, but it was getting late on a Sunday and I had work at 8am the next day, so I had to get home to my bed. :P



If you haven’t seen the Big Bad Wolf music video, check it out below.


StitchFix #1

I have officially received my first StitchFix! What is StitchFix? It’s a nifty styling website where you take a quiz, share your tastes (including your pinterest boards) and a stylist picks out 5 items and ship them right to your door. You can send back whatever you don’t want and will only be charged the $20 stylist fee if you send everything back. If you keep everything, you get 25% off your whole order. Sounds cool right? I’m definitely at a point in my life where I’d love to start investing in quality pieces. I’m SOOOO guilty of getting meh clothing on sale simply because it was on sale. I accumulate way too many clothes due to it.

Anyways, my first StitchFix came! I was super excited to see what they sent me! *Note, I am paying for StitchFix and sharing my thoughts on it.* I received 3 shirts, a pair of skinny jeans, and a necklace. Below are photos of all the items (I wore the skinny jeans for all the tops).

Okay, I’ll admit, each item cost way more than what I’d usually spend, besides maybe the necklace. I’m seriously the Queen of Clearance. I decided to try each on and really get a feel for it. All the items felt amazing and I could tell were much higher quality than most items in my possession. My favorite was the skinny jeans. My word, they are so soft! I could sleep in them! They fit like a glove but don’t squeeze. I knew I’d be keeping those. The teal shirt and necklace were close runner ups. The shirt is soft as well and very versatile. The studded shirt is right up my alley, too, especially for work. The paisley top was my least favorite. I would’ve sent that one back except I’d pay more for the other stuff if I did if I lost the 25% discount. It’s not awful, just not quite my dig. I can still incorporate it into my style easily, though.

I have my fixes scheduled for every other month. I think by doing this and having it to look forward to, I can really try to cut down on shopping at the clearance aisle. Seriously, it can be a problem. I do find some amazing deals, but a lot of stuff I just don’t NEED. They also sent a little cheat sheet card for each item with some tips on how to wear it and photos of example outfits. I’m loving StitchFix so far! You should try it out, too!


Β 4088020_image
This week has been a sad one. My grandmother passed away Sunday morning. I’m still in shock. She had heart surgery in June and seemed to be doing better. Her heart was very weak, but she wasn’t letting that slow her down (even when she probably should’ve). We got the news Sunday when we were getting ready to go to breakfast before heading to Bark in the Park. We’ve been getting everything ready for the services all week. I still don’t think it’s fully hit me yet.
This is what I wore yesterday to the visitation. She loved when I wore dresses. Grandma, I’m going to miss you more than I can express in words…



Decided to go get sushi last night and stop by the mall. It was actually super nice outside, so I went with a fall look that I can’t normally wear in the fall since I’m cold all the time. The top is from Banana republic and the skirt is Forever 21. I believe the shoes are from Pacsun, but I’ve had them so long that I can’t really remember. It’s a huge plus, too, how comfortable this look was.



I’ve got a fun evening planned tonight! I’m meeting up with one of my girl friends and grabbing some dinner. Then, I’m going to a show tonight at the Brass Rail. After that, who knows where the night will take us! I just got this skirt in the mail and had to wear it that night, so the whole outfit was planned around the skirt.