Swatches of MOST My Lipstick Collection

The other night, I decided to take inventory of my lipstick collection and make some swatches for references. I have swatches of nudes, pinks, red, and purples here. I didn’t swatch my “weird” colors (blacks, greens, blues, browns, gold, etc.), though. All-in-all I have approximately 124 lipsticks… yeah, a lot. Next time I think to myself “oh, I need that lipstick,” I should definitely take a second and remind myself that, no, I do not need more lipstick.  In these photos, liquid lipsticks are on the left and bullet lipsticks are on the right.






Clearly, I have a soft spot for nudes and purples. No surprise there, really. Purple is my favorite color and I think I pull it off well. This totally goes against what I said earlier, but do you think I have any holes in my collection? I have since added two reds from Beauty Bakerie since these photos. My Aromi reds were the first ones I bought and I think they’re getting a little old and might have to be tossed soon. I plan on trying out the new TooFaced liquid latex formula, too, but need to decide on which color exactly. And then I’m promptly going on a lipstick no-buy.


February Glam Bag from Ipsy

Luna By Luna Cosmetics Highlighter in Calypso – I didn’t have a highlighter in this color, so this was fun to try! I don’t know how often I’ll use it, though. It is more subtle, which makes it more wearable.

Trust Fund Beauty Nail Polish in $12 Latte – I like Trust Fund Beauty nail polishes a lot. Not super excited about this shade, just cause brown isn’t usually my thing. It was better on your nails than in the bottle, though. I’ll hang onto it for the right occasion.

NYX Professional Makeup Butter™ Lipstick in Ripe Berry – Love this formula of the NYX butter lipsticks! They’re creamy and feel great on your lips. They aren’t transfer proof or the most long-wearing, but if comfort is what you need, these are fantastic.

Lord & Berry LINE/SHADE Eye Pencil in Black – This goes on very smoothly and is long lasting! It didn’t fade or travel throughout the day, either.

Promise Organic NOURISHING COCONUT MILK DAILY FACIAL SCRUB WITH WALNUTS & SUGAR – Love this! I’ve never heard of this brand before, but this scrub is great. I like to feel the exfoliants in my scrubs, as opposed to the super fine ones. It smells nice and left my skin feeling super smooth.

August Glam Bag from Ipsy

How cute is August’s ipsy bag?! I feel like I’m usually pretty ‘meh’ about the bags, but this one is adorable. Here’s what all came with it:

Rodial Smokey Eye Pen in Black – You can’t go wrong with a black eyeliner. I don’t use stick eyeliners too often anymore, but this one goes on very smooth and I haven reached for it a few times since trying it out.

Lord & Berry 20100 maximatte crayon lipstick in Intimacy – This is basically a large lip liner. The color is pretty, but I found it drying and uncomfortable to put on my lips. I probably won’t be reaching for this as actual lipstick, but lip liner – maybe.

Organic Surge Perfecting Face Polish – Ipsy always knows when I need some more exfoliator, I swear! This one is good, the exfoliants are quite fine. Almost too fine, but I’m starting to think that it’s just me.

NYX Professional Makeup BORN TO GLOW LIQUID ILLUMINATOR in Gleam – Oh my gosh, this is the best of the bag, my friends. I love this! It’s a great stand alone highlighter OR I sometimes use it to give my powder highlighter something more to stick to. I feel like highlighter can disappear off your face after wearing it for a while.

Sally’s Box Secret Garden Ampoule Masks – The masks themselves are awesome, but the packaging is huge! I had to find a new place for these masks, because they’re so much bigger than my other ones.

March Glam Bag from Ipsy


Another bag I actually like! This one was cute and I was pretty excited about what I received in my bag. I’m pretty jealous of everyone who received the Colourpop highlighter, though. If that was swapped with the bronzer, I’d be a happy girl.

Beau Gâchis® Paris Eyeshadow Brush – $12. A brush is a brush for me. I have no complaints, so I guess that means it’s good! I didn’t notice anything outstanding about it, but it got the job done and you can’t have too many brushes. Well, maybe, but I’m not there yet.

Marc Anthony Nourishing Argan Oil of Morocco 3 Day Smooth Perfect Blow Dry Cream – $9. I liked this! I did think my hair was smoother after blow drying when I used this product. I enjoyed the smell of it, too, and the product soaked into your hands after you put it into your hair fairly quick. I hate when hair products just sit on your hands. I’m noticing a trend of really liking Marc Anthony hair products.

NYX Cosmetics Liquid Suede Cream Lipstick in Pink Lust – $7. I received the fuchsia color. It is super bright and didn’t really fit my complexion that well. It’s a pretty color, though, and I’m happy that we have more options for inexpensive liquid lipsticks. The formula was pretty nice, especially for that pricetag. It was a bit more drying than my more expensive liquid lipsticks, but that didn’t surprise me.

TEMPTU Warm Glow Bronzer – $27? (Can’t find this exact product on their website). I wasn’t sure what to think about a liquid bronzer. I used my fingers to apply and blend. It looked a bit dark when I first put it on, but it blended out well and easily. I liked how it looked, but I think I prefer my powder bronzers for ease of application. I’ll have to try using a brush or beauty blender and see if that works out better for me.

essence cosmetics make me brow eyebrow gel mascara – $3. This reminded me of Benefit’s Gimme Brow ($24), except it’s only $3! I have the Gimme Brow and I was super impressed with Essence’s version. For that price tag, I’d definitely recommend and get the Essence version when I’m out of both. It deposits a little bit of color on your brows and combs them into place and holds them there. I usually use this as the finishing touch on my brows after using a pencil to define.

So that’s March’s bag! Can’t wait until next months. If you don’t have ipsy, you should! It’s only $10 a month and you receive samples and a cute make up bag monthly. You take a quiz so they can better match up products with your preferences. Click here and get ipsy!