neck tattoo

My Tattoos

I love tattoos and cannot wait to get more, but in the meantime I thought I’d post about my current five. All of my tattoos were done at Freedom Ink in Peoria, Illinois. In order in which they were received:


1. Fleur De LisΒ Tattoo

I got my first tattoo the summer after graduating high school. This one didn’t hurt too bad, except when the needle went over a couple veins on the top of my foot. It’s a pretty fluer de lis, which is a symbol my family has adopted. All four of us have a fleur de lis tattooed on us, which I think is pretty cool. My mom got a matching one of this one. Tim Beck designed this tattoo and Kyle Berg tattooed it.


2. Feather Tattoo

I took a bit of a break and got this in the spring of 2011. I went for the very painful placement of ribs. I got a feather simply because I liked the aesthetic and because my great grandma had just passed away and her favorite animal was a chicken. I thought it’d be a cute way to incorporate that. Tim Beck did this one and he did it fast, which was greatly appreciated.


3. Moon Tattoo

This was a spur of the moment thing in 2012. I liked it. Plain and simple. I grew up with Harry Potter and wanted a slight nod to that and my favorite cartoon when I was younger was Sailor Moon, so I guess it represents my youth. But mainly, I just really like moons.


4. Pawprint Tattoo

I got this tattoo on my left ankle in 2012, too. I actually took over a deposit my brother put down for his girlfriend at the time but then she broke up with them. I’d been saying that I wanted a paw print of my pup, Lola, for a long time and the opportunity presented itself! I love this tattoo and Tim Beck did a fantastic job.


5. Krupp Tattoo

When I took western civilization at Bradley, I noticed mention of the Krupp family in Germany from the WWII era. They did bad stuff, though… but Krupps is a quite unique name and is an Americanized version of Krupp. Well, they owned a steel company and this was their logo. I got it for the simplicity and to represent family.


6. Live Love Laugh Handwriting Tattoo

My Grandma Frenchie (my dad’s mom) passed away this past fall. She wore a necklace that said “live love laugh” on it for as long as I can remember. I decided to take her handwriting from an old card I still have from her for the “love” and have my other grandma and mom do the “live” and “laugh.” It turned out so well and I really love it.


7. Wild Flower

July 1st, I went back to Freedom Ink and had a wild flower tattoo done by Tim Beck on my hip and thigh area. I showed Tim the style I was drawn to and he drew me up this that just fit perfectly on my body. It took about an hour to do and it hurt really bad on the edges. Very much worth it though, it’s so pretty!