Music Monday: CL – Hello Bitches

Okay, on the DL I’m a kpop lover. No shame, 2NE1 has been one of my faves and, of course, Psy. The rapper, CL, of 2NE1 is a badass and I love her. I’ve been following her for a while now and am eagerly awaiting her to explode in the US. She just released a new song last week and I LOVE it. So catchy and I could definitely dance to this at a club or something. Check out “Hello Bitches” below!


Music Monday: White Tie Affair – Take It Home

Okay, I must confess: I LOVE the White Tie Affair. I was SO excited to see them at Warped Tour in 2009. Sadly, they’ve only put out one album – Walk this Way. I can safely say that I love every song on the album. They posted on Facebook that they were writing in April. Otherwise, we haven’t heard much from them. I’m crossing my fingers! Here’s Take It Home, one of my favorites.