Music Monday: Turbowolf – Rabbits Foot

Once again, my Spotify Discover Weekly playlist was on point. It recommended Turbowolf’s new song Rabbit’s Foot, which apparently is starting to pop up on radio stations as we speak! I listened through quite a few of their songs and I dig it! It’s something different, but solid at the same time. Check out their catchy single below!



Music Monday: Our Last Night ft Matty Mullins – Drag Me Down

I have a tendency to like covers of pop songs by different artists (Hello Punk Goes Pop, lookin’ at you). I found this song on Spotify this past week and it’s no different! I hadn’t checked out Matty Mullins’ solo stuff, but wow, I freakin’ love it! Check out Drag Me Down, the One Direction cover that is way better, in my humble opinion. Although, I must admit, I do like the original quite a bit. This one just has some more edge to it and I like having a consistent voice throughout the song a little more.