Swatches of MOST My Lipstick Collection

The other night, I decided to take inventory of my lipstick collection and make some swatches for references. I have swatches of nudes, pinks, red, and purples here. I didn’t swatch my “weird” colors (blacks, greens, blues, browns, gold, etc.), though. All-in-all I have approximately 124 lipsticks… yeah, a lot. Next time I think to myself “oh, I need that lipstick,” I should definitely take a second and remind myself that, no, I do not need more lipstick. Β In these photos, liquid lipsticks are on the left and bullet lipsticks are on the right.






Clearly, I have a soft spot for nudes and purples. No surprise there, really. Purple is my favorite color and I think I pull it off well. This totally goes against what I said earlier, but do you think I have any holes in my collection? I have since added two reds from Beauty Bakerie since these photos. My Aromi reds were the first ones I bought and I think they’re getting a little old and might have to be tossed soon. I plan on trying out the new TooFaced liquid latex formula, too, but need to decide on which color exactly. And then I’m promptly going on a lipstick no-buy.


Favorite Liquid Lipsticks For Fall


Autumn brings bold, dark makeup looks and the easiest place to pull it off is on your lips! For extreme staying-power, I prefer liquid lipstick formulas. I’d like to point out that I wasn’t sent any of these products – I bought them all on my own. Here are some of my favorite liquid lipsticks for fall!


ColourPop’s Beeper (Warm Taupe) – A great neutral-brown shade. I purged a bunch of my CP liquid lipsticks that I didn’t reach for or if I had a similar color in a better brand. This one, though, has remained a favorite of mine.


Lime Crime’s Saddle (Brown) – A rusty-brown color. I was a little nervous how this one would look on me, but I actually love it.


Aromi’s Vamptastic Plum (Dark Plum) – I loooove purple lips. This is probably the shade that I rock the most.


Makeup Monstor’s Bewitched (Burgundy) – Just got this one, but I love it already! Makeup Monster’s formula is soooo good and their price is unbeatable. Seriously, check them out.


Aromi’s Red Dahlia (Deep Red) – A nice, vampy red is a must for fall. I love my Red Dahlia shade from Aromi. And the tubes are different, because they upgraded the packaging. This is the newer look.


Lime Crime’s Pumpkin (Red-Orange) – What would fall be without some pumpkin orange? This is surprisingly wear-able.

What are some of your favorite liquid lipsticks to rock in the fall? I’d love to hear some of yours!

Aromi Liquid Lipstick Review

I was in the search for a very long lasting matte lipstick and saw on r/MakeUpAddiction that there were quite a few vegan, indie options that people had tried and loved. Buying cruelty free is super important to me and I try my best, especially with beauty products. And the aspect of supporting a smaller business as opposed to a huge company definitely interests me, too. Some awesome redditor was kind enough to make a Google spreadsheet with a bunch of liquid lipstick brands and people’s input on them. The holy grail, if you will.

I was particularly interested in the one that lasted the longest. After scrolling through the entire thing and checking out other online reviews, I settled on Aromi. The liquid lipsticks are $17 each, which was reasonable after doing some research. I went with the color “Power Red” as my first purchase. You can’t go wrong with a red!

It arrived VERY promptly- five days, like actual days and not business days! Holy cow! I was eager to try it out. Applying the lipstick wasn’t too hard. I’d never used a liquid lipstick before, so I found going slow and steady was the best way. You really have to be precise, so take your time. It took a few tries to get everything looking even on both sides and I applied a second coat overall for good measure. It took maybe a minute to feel totally dry and I tested it with a kiss to the back of my hand and nothing came off. This was at about 6pm.

It doesn’t feel too drying and is very light weight. At about 9pm, I was ready to go wind down in bed, so I removed the lipstick with some make up remover and a cotton ball. It was very easy to come off, which I wasn’t expecting.

After getting the Power Red, I eagerly waited to add to my collection. Aromi is currently switching their bottle design, so the old style is on sale. This was all it took for me to take the dive. I went with Pink Periwinkle, Vamptastic Plum, Toasted Almond, and Neon Red. As you’ll notice, the Toasted Almond is in the new style.

*Update: For Black Friday/Cyber Monday they had a SUPER great deal and I splurged for 4 more as my Christmas gift for myself.



Below are all my Aromi lipsticks swatched – one without flash and one with flash inside. I truly love all these shades! My most worn are Red Dahlia, Power Red, Vamptastic Plum, and Toasted Almond.

Overall, I LOVE this product! I’m buying more ASAP! Highly, highly recommend! 10/10