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Ellie Activewear Review

I’ve been working out 3-4 days a week consistently for over a year now (hells yeah!) and I noticed that I’m much more motivated to work out when I’ve got cute workout clothes. I know, but whatever works, right? I was searching around online for a subscription box for quality workout clothes and came across Ellie Activewear (use this link and get 25% off your first order). They had cute styles and I get to choose which outfit I want each month or even pause my box for that month. They had 30% off your first box, so I decided to give it a try! The first box was $37.47 and my normal boxes are $49.95, which includes tax and shipping.

You also have the option of just the outfit or upgrading to receive 2 workout/lifestyle related items in your box. I chose the 5-item option.

My very first outfit was First Impressions. I loved the pattern on the pants with the matching sports bra. I also got a free rose gold water bottle as a new customer. My two items that came along with my box were yoga socks (I actually needed these!) and a foot roller. I must admit, I use the foot roller ALL THE TIME at home when I’m on the computer. I didn’t realize how much I’d enjoy one of these! It feels great and as someone who tends to get sore arches, this works like a charm.

2019-05-08 11_56_53-↞kirsten krupps↠ (@kirstenkrupps) • Instagram photos and videos

I got a size small in all items – bra, shirt, and pants. I’m 5’6 and 125 lbs and my current measurements are 35′ bust, 26′ waist, and 37′ hips. On the first of the month, I get an email letting me know it’s time to select my outfit or pause that month. It ships out the following week and tends to arrive mid-month, about the 15th or so. I do wish that this was a little faster because I get so excited after I’ve picked out what I’m getting. I’m probably just being impatient.

2019-05-08 11_57_03-↞kirsten krupps↠ (@kirstenkrupps) • Instagram photos and videos

Everything fit great and the pants ARE squat proof – which is very important! My gym gets very hot in the weight room and I do workout in just a bra and pants sometimes, so I appreciate that these are high waisted and I don’t feel like I’m showing off too much skin in them. Along with your box, you can purchase bras, tops, and bottoms from Ellie directly, which I’ve done also. They tend to go on sale and are reasonably priced at around $16-$20 for most items,

2019-05-08 11_57_13-↞kirsten krupps↠ (@kirstenkrupps) • Instagram photos and videos

Overall, I’m extremely pleased with my Ellie Activewear items and I’m currently waiting for my 3rd box to arrive. Again, if you’d like to give it a try, use my link for 25% off your first order!


LOOK: Bridal Shower

2019-05-08 12_22_41-↞kirsten krupps↠ (@kirstenkrupps) • Instagram photos and videos

This weekend was my friend’s bridal shower! The bridal party put it on at a nice restaurant in Peoria. I could not wait to wear this romper! It was the perfect mix of casual and dressed up in one of my absolute favorite colors to wear.


LOOK: Dinner + Concert

2019-05-08 12_33_57-↞kirsten krupps↠ (@kirstenkrupps) • Instagram photos and videos

Last night I saw Tides of Man, I the Mighty, and Polyphia at the Castle Theatre in Bloomington, IL! I was so excited to see Tides of Man for the first time and I the Mighty again. I could not wait to wear these snakeskin flare pants, how cool are they?! I paired them with a simple black halter bodysuit, pointed booties, and a floppy hat.


Look: St. Patrick’s Day 2019

2019-05-23 11_03_56-↞kirsten krupps↠ (@kirstenkrupps) • Instagram photos and videos

It’s St. Patrick’s Day, so you know I’m about to be festive af! Trying to also stay warm, hence the leggings and shaggy jacket. Most is from Etsy or Amazon or things I already owned. We ended up going downtown for a bit and then made our way up to the Heights for some day drinking and shenanigans! Peoria knows how to do St. Pats!

Hair + Beauty

Beauty Prep VoxBox from Influenster

2019-05-23 11_13_41-↞kirsten krupps↠ (@kirstenkrupps) • Instagram photos and videos

I was thrilled when I got the email that I had been selected for the Beauty Prep VoxBox from Influenster! I’ll go through each item I received and my thoughts on it.

Velour’s Faux Mink Lashes $29 – I love me some faux mink lashes, so I was very excited for these. They are about as big as I can go on my face without being TOO big. They are very soft and easy to apply. I’m going to keep this brand in mind when I need more.

Elizabeth Arden’s My Fifth Avenue Perfume $65 – This has a very classic, elegant scent. And they sent a full-sized bottle, which is always appreciated! I don’t remember to use perfume often, but I’ve been reaching for this when I do.

Patchology’s Breakout Box $20 – Okay, this little box is amazing. It has 24 Pimple-Shrinking Salicylic Acid Dots, 24 Whitehead-Absorbing Hydrocolloid Dots, and 3 Blackhead-Eliminating Nose Strips. I have been a huge fan of hydrocolloid bandages for pimples for a couple years now and having them already as dots in various sizes have been GREAT! And the salicylic acid ones do a great job when you can tell a pimple is popping up or want to shrink one overnight. I’m super pleased with everything I’ve tried and I will definitely pick this up again when I run out.

Aveda’s Damage Remedy Hair Repair $30 – After going blonde last year, I need all the hair repair treatments I can get! I like that this is a leave in one and did seem to improve the look and feel to my hair. I like Aveda stuff, so I expected great things from this product and it delivered.

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It’s that time of the year where people are health conscious and trying to get in tip-top shape. I’ve been hitting the gym since the start of the New Year and have more drive than ever to change my body for the better! I just feel so much better in general when I’m active and in shape. Plus I like the challenge that comes with working out, as well. Here are my workout bag essentials!

The Bag: I use the Avia Sport Tote With Slip Pocket For Yoga Mat or Towel cause it gets the job done and is only $10 free shipping. Hard to beat that! It’s smaller, but still holds all of the below with ease and has a spot for a yoga mat, which I like.

Water Bottle: Probably the most important things in your bag is your water bottle! I couldn’t find the exact one that I use online, but I like the ones with a straw. Makes it easy to quickly grab a drink while you’re working out.

Extra Thick Yoga Mat: I like my yoga mats extra cushy. I’ve found that TJ Max, Marshalls, Ross, etc have good prices on a variety of yoga mats.

Tarte Gym Bag Grabs Athleisure Essentials: This includes a full size lifted sweatproof mascara in black brown, travel-size brighter days highlighting moisturizer, deluxe quench lip rescue in nude, and some fresh eyes maracuja waterproof eye makeup remover wipes. I often wash my face after a workout, so this set comes in handy for that.

Tarte No Shower Happy Hour Athleisure Essentials: This includes a travel size clean queen vegan deodorant, travel size hair goals dry shampoo, travel size tarteguard 20 tinted moisturizer in medium , deluxe tarteist glossy lip paint in goals (rosy nude), and a deluxe Amazonian clay 12-hour blush in insightful (peachy pink). The deoderant and dry shampoo are a lifesaver and the makeup is great if you have to run errands or something after you hit the gym.

Headbands: These are great for whisking away sweat and keeping your hair out of your face. My mom and I just tried out these from Amazon and like them quite a bit!

Small Towel: For when you’re very sweaty and need a little extra something-something.

Hair Ties: I mean, duh.

Small Combination Lock: You need a small lock if you’re using the lockers at your gym! Keep your stuff safe while you’re getting your sweat on.

Gym Shoes: I use my old running shows ats my gym shows. They are a pair of Saucony that I was using last summer but decided I wanted something different for a running shoe and transitioned it to my gym shoe. I will probably be replacing them soon, though.

Barbell Pad: Yes, I bring my own barbell pad, because the ones at my gym are way too thin for hip thrusts, especially, and squats. I got this one for ~$12 off Amazon and it’s been a lifesaver. Highly recommend it if you’re building a booty and doing hip thrusts.

Fitbit Blaze: Okay, this isn’t really IN my bag, but still essential for my workouts. I love the Blaze so much. It looks like an awesome digital watch but is super useful when you’re working out for steps, heart rate, calories, and timing yourself. It even has workouts ON the watch that you can follow along to. I highly recommend it!

One thing I know I’m missing is a pair of good bluetooth headphones. I would LOVE some recommendations on headphones or anything else you have in your gym bag that I don’t have listed. Comment and let me know!