DRxPahWX4AATD2InewWelcome to my personal blog! It’s a mixture of all my interests – photography, fashion, music, makeup, animals… yeah, a lot! I’m a 27 year old creative, dabbling mostly in photography. I love to photograph people, concerts, and pets. I enjoy social media and design, as well. I have two dachshunds and they’re my furchildren. Thanks for reading and enjoy!

Interests: photography, feathers, glitter, dancing, wolves, concerts, purple, fun, green tea, zebra print, patron, design, food, stars, memes, raw stones, art, neon, red velvet, canon, studs, fall, long island iced tea, fashion, dachshunds, pleather, bows, randomness, lime green, rhinestones, moons, iphone, rock n roll


Website: kirstenkrupps.com
Twitter: @kirstenkrupps
Facebook: facebook.com/kirstenkruppsphoto
Instagram: @kirstenkrupps + @kirstenkruppsphoto
YouTube: youtube.com/kirstenkrupps
Vimeo: vimeo.com/kirstenkrupps
LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/kirstenkrupps
Last.fm: last.fm/user/kirstenkrupps
Pinterest: pinterest.com/kirstenkrupps
Sarahah: kkrupps.sarahah.com


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