What To Wear : To an Outdoor Concert

Outdoor concerts can be tricky to dress for, especially if they’re all day. Personally, I usually forfeit a little bit of fashion for comfort in these situations. A loose, breezy top will keep you cool and I’d recommend staying away from black, too. You can’t go wrong with a pair of comfortable denim or cotton shorts. Again, comfy is key, so I’d forgo the flip flops in favor of combat boots, tennis shoes, or Toms for your footwear. I keep jewelry minimal and skip dangly necklaces or earrings. You don’t want it to get caught on anything, especially if you like being up front in the action while you watch a performer! A bag that can hold some sunscreen, chapstick, phone, keys, wallet, and ideally a water is necessary for me, too. Obviously grab a pair of some sunglasses. I’m a fan of hats, so I included some options with these outfits, but that’s definitely up to you. If you’re trying to keep your hair color from fading, though, a hat is very useful!

What about you? Do you have any outdoor concert favorites?

Outdoor Concert / Festival

*BONUS* Here’s my Warped Tour outfit from 5 years ago now. I wore exactly this (not necessarily the brands, but the items). Obviously I wasn’t going for fashionable here, but I kept cool. I ended up taking the tub top off and just wearing the bandeau most the time.

Warped Tour Outfit



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