Let the Vinyl Collection Begin

I bought a Crosley record player on sale for $25 instead of $100. I figured, why not?! It’s sat at my house ever since and the other day I decided I wanted to utilize it. I hopped on Amazon to see if there were any used vinyls and just to see what all my options were. I decided to go with Michael Jackson’s Thriller as my first purchase. I found ADTR’s first two albums for only $12, so I threw them in my cart, too. Two days later (thanks Amazon Prime), I had my first vinyls!

I made a wishlist on Amazon for ones that I’d like to get.

Anyways, I’m excited and am hoping I won’t spend too much money too quickly on records now. :P

I’d love if you left a comment with some of your favorite records!


One comment

  1. I recently got into vinyl too, there was nothing more exciting than putting your first record on the turntable and dropping the needle wondering if it will work. First albums i went for were Appetite for Destruction, Let it Bleed and Rumours. A year later my record collection has grown to about 100+, its quite addictive….


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