What to Wear : To a Concert

I’ve gone to enough shows now that I kind of have a uniform. If I’m shooting, I wear pants or shorts with pockets simply because I need the functionality of them. If I’m going for fun I’ll sometimes wear a dress or skirt, but not usually. I made a few outfits below that are pretty much what I wear to any show. Obviously I go to mostly rock shows and I think that’s pretty evident with my selections, but I think the first outfit below is a good choice for most genres. And throwing on a leather jacket is always a good idea.

The most important thing is that you feel comfortable! If you feel awesome in it, then wear it! Concerts are not places where people should be judging others for fashion. It does happen though. I remember in 2010 I went down to St. Louis to see Three Days Grace and My Darkest Days. I had some leopard print pants I paired with a black tank top. I loved these pants and, yes, they were eye catching. I especially liked them because the (former) guitarist from My Darkest Days had a very similar pair. Anyways, I got some looks and even a few comments about my pants. Thankfully, I wore them because I liked that they were loud and I truly don’t care what people think about my clothes. I wore it to make you look and it worked, so I laughed it off. Thinking back, though, that’s pretty shitty! You’re here for the music.

Other than loving your outfit and feeling comfortable, I’d make sure your shoes are flat and can be worn for long periods of time. I’d also grab a crossbody purse so you’re hands are free to dance,Β  hold a drink, or catch that guitar pick. ;] Did I leave anything out? Comment and let me know!

Concert Wear

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