Music Monday: Zella Day – Compass

This past weekend I saw and photographed Zella Day and really enjoyed the show! She had a very bohemian-vibe that sort of reminded me of Lana Del Rey. Very easy listening. My favorite song, by far, was Compass. I also like the radio single that’s out now – Hypnotic. Check out some photos below and view the whole gallery on my website here!

Flannel Mouth @ the HOI Fair

Saturday, July 18th Flannel Mouth made their debut playing for 105.7 the X’s Local Anesthetic Showcase at the Heart of Illinois Fair. They started off the show for Aterra Tale, 1152, Prey for Us, and Shadows Inc. They played some new music that’s going to be on their upcoming album Prisoner’s Cinema and it’s sounding so good. My favorite is definitely Showdown in the Courtroom, which they saved for last. I was excited to hear the new stuff and excited to take photos in the Opera House at Expo Gardens, because it actually has really good lighting! I had to crawl over a farm fence and through huge cobwebs, but you gotta do what you gotta do to get the shot! It was also hotter than hell in the Opera House, because the Fair decided that it wasn’t going to get air conditioning for it this year. I was drenched after about 15 minutes. That part wasn’t fun, but I’ll take being hot over cold any day. There were only a handful of people there to start off with (partially because some were saying that it started at 7pm instead of the actual start time of 6pm), but they managed to attract a small crowd by the end of their set. It was a really awesome show and I cannot wait for the new album. Enjoy some photos from that night and if you’d like to see more or better quality photos, click here for my website.



I had tons of fun in general, too! It was a little too hot and humid to ride any of the rides. I got an eggroll shared a onion blossom with Tyler. The food was very expensive, which was a little disappointing. Our friend Kayla made it out to the show, which made the night that much better! It was great seeing her and I’m sure the Flannel Mouth guys loved having her there to support! I’m so proud of my boyfriend and his bandmates. For as long as I’ve known him, I’ve said they’d do something with the band. I totally said “I told you so” when they were signed to Switchbitch Records and I’m so very excited for this new album. I’ve been involved with the new album, too, which I don’t take for granted and greatly enjoy! We’ve already took the promo shots for when the album is closer to being ready and I’m helping with concepts for the artwork. I’m sure I’ll help lay out everything since I’m a Photoshop guru, too. I don’t mind one bit and love helping any and every way I can.


Beauty Favorites

I wanted to share all my favorite beauty products with you! I definitely enjoy make up and like to experiment with products and brands, but these items are my “tried and true.” I have combination-dry skin that is fair – light shade.

I’ve bought and tried out all these products myself. If you have any recommendations or products that you think I’d like better, please comment and let me know!



Primer: Superprimer Face Primers by Clinique – $27

Liquid Foundation: Even Better Makeup by Clinique – $27

Powder Foundation: MATTE Foundation by Bare Escentuals – @$28

Concealer: Line Smoothing Concealer by Clinique – $18

Blush: Happy Booster™Glow & Mood Boosting Blush by Physicians Formula – $12

Contouring: Chubby Stick Sculpting Contour by Clinique – $21

Highlight: Shimmering Cream Eye Color by Shiseido – $25

Bronzer: Warmth All-Over Face Color by Bare Escentuals – @$20




Primer: Eyeshadow Primer Potion by Urban Decay – $20

604214916463_naked2 web_country_composite_new_2
Neutral Eyeshadow: Naked 2 by Urban Decay – $54 OR Rock n Roll Palette by Too Faced – $36

3605970970116_nakedsmoky web_rocknroll_composite_new_2
Smokey Eyeshadow: Naked Smokey by Urban Decay – $54 OR Country Palette by Too Faced – $36

Mascara: they’re real! lengthening mascara by Benefit Cosmetics – $24 AND

Gel Eyeliner: they’re real! push-up eyeliner by Benefit Cosmetics – $24

Eyebrow Gel: gimme brow by Benefit Cosmetics – $24
Eyebrow Powder: Eyebrow Cake Powder by NYX – $6

Brow Liner: Instant Lift For Brows by Clinique – $17
False Eyelashes: Any Eyelure Lashes – $5-9




Normal Lipstick: Any Mac Lipstick – $16

Liquid Lipstick: Any Aromi Lipstick – $18





Polish: Essie Polishes – $9 OR Zoya Polishes – $9

Music Monday: Devour the Day – Respect

This Wednesday Three Days Grace, Finger Eleven, and Devour the Day are coming to Limelight Eventplex. I’m so excited to shoot this show! TDG has been a favorite of mine since grade school. I thought I’d share a Devour the Day song, though. I’ve seen these guys three times already and photographed them at the HOI Fair a couple years ago. They’re really good! Here’s one of my favorites that ROCKS live – Respect!

4th of July Fun

I hope you had a great 4th of July! Mine was pretty great! It went by fast, actually! Tyler and I got to sleep in a bit, which was great, then we headed over to our friends Codee and Kim’s for lunch and to begin our day! Kim is vegan, so Tyler had lots of options for food. Food was delicious and we had fun hanging out! I brought a cheap-ass Arbor Mist to enjoy haha. It was so sweet, but pretty good! After that we went over to my friend, Kristin’s, place for more food and hangs! They had their legendary gin bucket that Tyler got to try out for the first time. It was amazing, as usual. I tried to get some sun and catch up to Tyler, but I have a longgg way to go. Around 4pm we ran home to let the pups out then went downtown for Red, White, and Boom!

I had to work a bit, but we got to hang out in the VIP party, so that was pretty sweet. I took photos of Kitchen Cooked giving free t-shirts away and then had a 45 minute door shift at the VIP party. Then free food and drinks! I tried this new (new to me, at least) Steel Margarita thing in a can. It was pretty tasty and 8% alcohol haha. I’m remembering that one! It was pretty alright even with all the flooding. I got my fireworks kiss from Tyler, so I was a happy camper. It was a great holiday spent with my love.