What to Wear : 4th of July Edition

4th of July


No lie, I love over the top, cheesy 4th of July wear. It’s festive and when else can you do it?! The left outfit is closest to what I’ll be wearing. The middle one is a little bit more tame. And the right outfit is more “normal.” I’m going to a couple cook outs during the day on the 4th, then heading down to the riverfront for Red, White, and Boom! The radio company I work for actually puts on the event, so I’ll be working a little bit, but hanging out in the VIP party for the most part. Free food and drinks, can’t go wrong!

1st StitchFix

I have officially received my first StitchFix! What is StitchFix? It’s a nifty styling website where you take a quiz, share your tastes (including your pinterest boards) and a stylist picks out 5 items and ship them right to your door. You can send back whatever you don’t want and will only be charged the $20 stylist fee if you send everything back. If you keep everything, you get 25% off your whole order. Sounds cool right? I’m definitely at a point in my life where I’d love to start investing in quality pieces. I’m SOOOO guilty of getting meh clothing on sale simply because it was on sale. I accumulate way too many clothes due to it.

Anyways, my first StitchFix came! I was super excited to see what they sent me! *Note, I am paying for StitchFix and sharing my thoughts on it.* I received 3 shirts, a pair of skinny jeans, and a necklace. Below are photos of all the items (I wore the skinny jeans for all the tops).


Okay, I’ll admit, each item cost way more than what I’d usually spend, besides maybe the necklace. I’m seriously the Queen of Clearance. I decided to try each on and really get a feel for it. All the items felt amazing and I could tell were much higher quality than most items in my possession. My favorite was the skinny jeans. My word, they are so soft! I could sleep in them! They fit like a glove but don’t squeeze. I knew I’d be keeping those. The teal shirt and necklace were close runner ups. The shirt is soft as well and very versatile. The studded shirt is right up my alley, too, especially for work. The paisley top was my least favorite. I would’ve sent hat one back except I’d pay more for the other stuff if I did if I lost the 25% discount. It’s not awful, just not quite my dig. I can still incorporate it into my style easily, though.

I have my fixes scheduled for every other month. I think by doing this and having it to look forward to, I can really try to cut down on shopping at the clearance aisle. Seriously, it can be a problem. I do find some amazing deals, but a lot of stuff I just don’t NEED. They also sent a little cheat sheet card for each item with some tips on how to wear it and photos of example outfits. I’m loving StitchFix so far! You should try it out, too!

Look: And when the answer that you want is in the question that you state, come what may

I went to the Rail II last night with Tyler for the Ghost Key album party. I figured it’d be a hot one, but I grossly underestimated how hot it’d be in there. You’re basically in a tin can. People were missing but it looked like a mean pit. I saw one girl come out with a bloody nose and another guy boy carried out because he got kicked in the head. We took a break and listened from outside. I’ll borrow Tyler’s CD and determine what I think, because it’s hard to say with the acoustics there and I’ve never listened to them before. Anyways, it was fun none the less and it was cute seeing Tyler catch up with lots of old friends and acquaintances. 

Happy Birthday, Tyler!

This past Friday I attempted to surprise my boyfriend for his birthday. Surprise party planning is hard, in case you’ve never tried. The plan was to go to the Paradice and gamble for a bit then go to Kelleher’s for the remainder of the night. My dad was nice and let us boat-goers use the limo, too. We headed out and picked everyone up then went to the boat. I was gently reminded why I don’t like gambling. I only played with $5, but I still lost it on the slots in like 7 turns. I really wanted to play this fish-themed slot machine that I tried last year, but it was taken and I got impatient.

After we headed to Kelleher’s where more of Tyler’s friends were waiting. I told the limo crew to head to the back while I bought Tyler a drink then we’d go back. Well one person in our group mentioned they needed to go to the bathroom and of course my boyfriend had to be a gentlemen and show him. Except the bathrooms are where the surprise was. I was yelling, “wait get your drink!” trying to stall. He finally turned back to see why I was freaking out and a waitress popped out and asks us “Oh, are you guys with the party in the back?” I about died! I harshly whispered “It’s a surprise party, shut up, I’m sorry!” I felt like such a jerk! But I was so stressed and trying to get the surprise part to go smoothly! Tyler didn’t quite here what we said, luckily.

He was surprised and said thank you with a big old kiss once he saw everyone. Then all his friends bought him way too many drinks and he had way too much fun, to put it lightly. Haha! It was a memorable time, that’s for sure. I love him very much. Happy 24th, babe!

What To Wear : To an Outdoor Concert

Outdoor concerts can be tricky to dress for, especially if they’re all day. Personally, I usually forfeit a little bit of fashion for comfort in these situations. A loose, breezy top will keep you cool and I’d recommend staying away from black, too. You can’t go wrong with a pair of comfortable denim or cotton shorts. Again, comfy is key, so I’d forgo the flip flops in favor of combat boots, tennis shoes, or Toms for your footwear. I keep jewelry minimal and skip dangly necklaces or earrings. You don’t want it to get caught on anything, especially if you like being up front in the action while you watch a performer! A bag that can hold some sunscreen, chapstick, phone, keys, wallet, and ideally a water is necessary for me, too. Obviously grab a pair of some sunglasses. I’m a fan of hats, so I included some options with these outfits, but that’s definitely up to you. If you’re trying to keep your hair color from fading, though, a hat is very useful!

What about you? Do you have any outdoor concert favorites?

Outdoor Concert / Festival

*BONUS* Here’s my Warped Tour outfit from 5 years ago now. I wore exactly this (not necessarily the brands, but the items). Obviously I wasn’t going for fashionable here, but I kept cool. I ended up taking the tub top off and just wearing the bandeau most the time.

Warped Tour Outfit

Here’s a bonus bonus: my boyfriend and I at Warped Tour 2010 haha.