Music Monday : Starset – Halo

I first heard Starset‘s first single “My Demons” back in November of last year. I loved it immediately and said that it was going to be a hit. Then, I got to see them play (and photograph them!!) at the Tornado Fundraiser the radio stations did for Central Illinois in December. They were so good! I love the costumes and theatrics that go along with their performance. I got a chance to hang out with the guys after the show and they were really cool. They were impressed that I was singing along to their songs. They said the album should be out in the summer and I eagerly waited. It did not disappoint! I love this album. My favorite song, which is so hard to choose, is probably the one below – Halo. Let me know what you think!

Cherry Coke Jello Shots


I love jello shots and I love experimenting with flavors to come up with new things! When I saw the Three Olives’ Super Cola, I knew I had to give it a try! As I hoped, it’s delicious! I decided to make a cherry coke jello shot and they turned out AMAZING! I kind of wing it when I make these, so I’ll do my best to explain. I got about 50 jello shots with using the ingredients above.


Three Olives Super Cola Vodka
Cherry Jello

As with all jello shots, start off with the jello by just following directions on the packet. Next, add in your alcohol. Finally, finish it with the Coke. You want the mixture to be pretty thick and syrup-y. If there’s not enough coke, the jello won’t settle. Usually you want at least twice as much mixer as alcohol. Don’t worry if you don’t get enough in there the first time, it’s super easy to go back and add more coke if need be. Just mix your concoction together for a few minutes and pour into individual cups and let cool over night.

WARNING: these don’t taste alcoholic, so while delicious, they’re a bit dangerous!


My Favorite iPhone Photography Apps

I’m an instagram whore and post wayyy too many photos, but what do you expect from a photographer? I’ve accumulated lots of photography apps over the years, but these are my absolute favorites.

1. VSCOcam (free + in app purchases). I use this one the most. I’ve even bought all the packs for it. I like that you can edit the photos pretty extensively (although Instagram just added a lot of these features), but the best part are the filters. I love the film look it creates on my iPhone photos.

2. Camera+ ($1.99). I used this one all the time when I was studying abroad in London. It has great settings to bring out the clarity and sharpness of your photos.

3. Adobe Photoshop Express (free). As an avid photoshop user, of course I have the app version. It’s super easy to use and I definitely recommend it since it’s free!

4. InstaPicFrames (free). Sometimes just displaying one photo in that instagram square isn’t enough. I’ve found that I like this framing app the best, especially since it’s free.

5. Whitagram. This is great for when you want to display the photo in the original aspect ratio and not a square. Simple and free.

6. Afterlight ($0.99). This app has more great filters that I love to use on my photos from time to time. I’ve been meaning to use this app more.

7. Over ($0.99). Love this app for adding text to my photos! Lots of great font options and super easy to use.

8. Pixlromatic (free). This app has, yet again, more filters, but more importantly lots of fun light leaks!

9. Lumie ($1.99). I got this app for the bokah effects! Has some neat options that can fancy up your photos.

I’m sure I’m missing out on some other amazing apps, so please let me know what your favorites are!

Lancome Hypnôse Drama + Cils Booster XL Review

My absolute favorite beauty product is mascara. I would give up every other item if I had to, but you could never make me give up mascara. That being said, I’ve tried a lot of different mascaras! Sophomore year of college, I actually worked in the beauty department at Macy’s, so I took advantage of it and tried out tons of mascaras. I was ecstatic when I tried the Lancome mascaras and I make sure I always have one in my collection.

Lately my favorite has been the Hypnôse Drama ($27.50), because I don’t want just fullness or length, I want both! When I was in Bergners last, a Lancome representative mentioned that there is a primer now. Of course, I tried it and it was amazing! I have the Cils Booster XL ($24.50) and it really does make my lashes longer than just mascara alone.

Yes, I have some proof for you guys! The top image has one with the primer and mascara on the left and my right eye has nothing! I’ve got the primer and mascara on both eyes on the one at the bottom. Just one coat of primer and two coats of mascara does the trick! I’ve even been asked if I’m wearing false eyelashes before with these on, which just made my day.


I wanted to add, too, that I purchased and used the Lancome mascara and primer on my own. I’m just a fan and wanted to share! Overall the primer gets an 8.5/10 and the mascara gets a 9/10!

What to Wear : To a Concert

I’ve gone to enough shows now that I kind of have a uniform. If I’m shooting, I wear pants or shorts with pockets simply because I need the functionality of them. If I’m going for fun I’ll sometimes wear a dress or skirt, but not usually. I made a few outfits below that are pretty much what I wear to any show. Obviously I go to mostly rock shows and I think that’s pretty evident with my selections, but I think the first outfit below is a good choice for most genres. And throwing on a leather jacket is always a good idea.

The most important thing is that you feel comfortable! If you feel awesome in it, then wear it! Concerts are not places where people should be judging others for fashion. It does happen though. I remember in 2010 I went down to St. Louis to see Three Days Grace and My Darkest Days. I had some leopard print pants I paired with a black tank top. I loved these pants and, yes, they were eye catching. I especially liked them because the (former) guitarist from My Darkest Days had a very similar pair. Anyways, I got some looks and even a few comments about my pants. Thankfully, I wore them because I liked that they were loud and I truly don’t care what people think about my clothes. I wore it to make you look and it worked, so I laughed it off. Thinking back, though, that’s pretty shitty! You’re here for the music.

Other than loving your outfit and feeling comfortable, I’d make sure your shoes are flat and can be worn for long periods of time. I’d also grab a crossbody purse so you’re hands are free to dance,  hold a drink, or catch that guitar pick. ;] Did I leave anything out? Comment and let me know!

Concert Wear